Accessibility tips for using LSO Connects

This section is specific to LSO Connects. For general information about accessibility and the Law Society, please read our AODA Commitment.

In this section you will find:

General statement about LSO Connects

LSO Connects aims to conform with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 Level AA. It is built with Microsoft Power Pages, which conforms to this standard.It also has some customized features. The site has been tested with automated and manual evaluation tools using a range of assistive technologies, including screen readers, magnification, high contrast and voice control.

Tips for known issues

We are aware of several issues that may affect people using assistive technologies and are working to resolve them. Here are some tips for a few of them.

Captcha (on various forms)

  • Screen readers - Play the audio code to identify the letters in the image. To help you hear the first letter, toggle off full speech mode:
    JAWS shortcut: JAWS+Spacebar+S
    NVDA shortcut: NVDA+S

If you cannot complete Captcha, please contact us for assistance. We apologize for this inconvenience.

General line:416-947-3300

Messages (if you have an account)

If you have an account for LSO Connects, you can send messages to LSO and reply to ones that you receive from us. The message feature uses a form in a pop-up window. Here are a few tips for using the form.

  • Keyboard and screen readers -The shortcut for accessibility help (Alt+0) does not work. To access the toolbar from within the message field, use the key combination Alt+F10.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking - Use Dragon Pad to write the text of your message and then paste it into the message field using the keyboard command Ctrl+V.
  • General - The default text size of the message is small. If you are reading a message, use the key combination Ctrl+Plus Sign and Ctrl+Minus Sign to zoom in and out.

Areas of law/legal services (Complaint Form)

This field is an edit/combo box. You can enter words directly and let the system auto-fill it with valid terms OR you can choose options from a drop-down list. The options work like check boxes. You can select more than one.

  • Keyboard
    To remove an option from the edit box, use the Delete Key.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
    Use keyboard commands to navigate the list of options and to choose options.

Report an accessibility issue

Before reporting an issue with LSO Connects, please read Tips for known issues. To report a different issue, please use our AODA Inquiry Form.